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Georg Jensen Bracelet Double Tulip Design No. 100B

Georg Jensen Bracelet Double Tulip Design No. 100B
Designed by: Georg Jensen c. 1908
Date of Manufacture: Post 1945
Design No.: 100B Length: 7¼ ins. (18.5 cm)
Ref. No.:  967
Price: £650

Note: I love this bracelet with its organic design of two tulips. This piece is another example of the way Georg Jensen brought silver to life with his genius and talent. The silver is tactile and soft and moulds itself around the wrist like a vine.

Ref. No.:  967 Enquiries

Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Tulip Bracelet
Design No. 93
Size: 7" (18cm) x 2" (5 cm)
Manufactured: Post 1945
Ref No.: 975
Price: £750

This Tulip bracelet, Design No. 93, is a very attractive piece of jewellery. It is possibly designed by Henning Koppel. It embraces all the elements of the Georg Jensen design which is to embody the organic feel of plant life in the simplest form.
Ref No.: 975 Enquiries
Georg Jensen "Puzzle" Bangle


Georg Jensen "Puzzle" Bangle
Designed by: Hans Hansen for Georg Jensen
Signed: HAH
Size: 2¼ ins x 2¼ ins. (60mm x 60mm)
7.2 ins. Circumference (185mm)
Ref: 973
Price: £230

Hans Hansen (1884-1940) started his own silversmithy in the 1920s in a reaction against the mechanised production of silver flatware. His son, Gustav Hansen, took over the silversmithy when his Father, Hans Hansen died in 1940, aged only 56.

The company was taken over by the Royal Scandinavia Group in 1991 and thus incorporated into Georg Jensen.

Ref: 973 Enquiries


Georg Jensen Kneeling Deer Brooch designed by Arno Malinowski in 1937.
Design No: 256
Size: 1 3/4 " x1 3/8" (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm)
Date of Manufacture: Post 1945

Note: Arno Malinowski (1899-1976) worked at the Georg Jensen Silversmithy from 1936-44 and then from 1949-65. He trained as a medallist and a sculptor and also worked for the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory. The 'kneeling deer' design proved

to be one of the most popular of his designs.

Ref: 930 Enquiries


Georg Jensen Brooch

Design No. 250

Size: 3.2 cm (1.25") x 3.2 cm (1.25")

Designed by Arno Malinowski for Georg Jensen

Manuf. 1933-44
£ 230

Another example of Arno Malinowski's talented work.  Many of his pieces depicted birds, and these are very popular designs.  The interest in his work is increasing dramatically, although there has always been a strong following for this artist's work.

Ref: 940 Enquiries

Georg Jensen Brooch 'Deer with Ivy'


Georg Jensen Brooch 'Lamb with Ivy' designed by Arno Malinowski (1899 – 1976)
Design No. 311
Size: Diameter: 2” (5cm) High x 2” (5cm) Wide. Designed:1942
Date of Manufacture: Post 1945

Ref: 878



Arno Malinowski worked at the Georg Jensen Silversmithy from 1936-1944 and again from 1949-65. He gained his artistic inspiration from Japanese art for many of his designs and this can be clearly seen. The “Lamb with Ivy” is one of his more unusual designs and has proved very popular. His jewellery design is very distinctive and he often included stylized birds and animals. Other popular brooches by Arno Malinowski are 'Kneeling Deer', 'Two Butterflies' 'Sheep with Enamelled Hearts' were just a few of the many he produced. His work was shown in numerous exhibitions in Denmark and abroad.

Ref: 878 Enquiries



Georg Jensen Silver Bangle with Lapis Lazuli Cabouchon Design No. 188
Manuf: Post 1945
Size: Adjustable

Ref: WF817

Price: £495

This attractive bangle, which is marked with the Georg Jensen mark for post 1945. Even after research, it is not clear who is the designer of this bangle, although it is reminiscent of the work of Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hübe.  The cabouchon is made of Lapis Lazuli with gold flecks in it.

Ref.WF817 Enquiries

Georg Jensen Flower Basket Brooch


Georg Jensen Flower Basket Brooch
Design No. 67 designd by Georg Jensen c. 1909-14
Size: 2.25" x 1.5" (5.7 x 3.8 cms)
Manufactured: Post 1945
Price: On application


This Flower Basket brooch by Georg Jensen is one of his earliest designs. It is a very sought after piece of jewellery and is a rare item. The brooch is a wonderful example of the life and organic movement which Georg Jensen breathes into all his work. The stones include amethysts, moonstones and amber.

Ref. 752 Enquiries


Georg Jensen Sea Shell Brooch
Design No. 246
Size 1¼ ins. x 1¼ ins. (3cm x 3cm)
Designed by Georg Jensen c. 1904
Date of Manufacture: post 1945
Price: £175


Note: The Sea Shell is a very early design of Georg Jensen, which he originally used for a belt buckle design. The brooch has simple flowing lines which embodies Georg Jensens love of the natural form. He took his inspiration from the world of nature and transformed everyday objects into works of art.

Ref: JR715 Enquiries
Georg Jensen Silver Crucifix

Georg Jensen Silver Crucifix
Design No. 151A Pendant
Size: 50mm (2") x 57mm (2 1/4") with Belcher Chain 600mm (24") also Marked
Designed by: Henning Koppel
Manufactured: Post 1945
Price: £250


Note: Henning Koppel was hired by the Georg Jensen company in 1949.  By the early 1940's Nordic jewellers had embraced 'Biomorphism' Biomorphist art focuses on the power of natural life and uses organic shapes, with shapeless and vaguely spherical hints of the forms of biology. Biomorphism has connections with Surrealism and Art Nouveau .  Henning Koppel and the term 'Biomorphism' have come to be virually synonymous.  His advant guard designs caused much intra-company controversy but now examples of Henning's work have become icons of mid 20th century jewellery design


Ref. No. 948


Floral Brooch designed by Georg Jensen with blue Lapis.
Design No: 66
Size: 2 cm (.75”)  x 3 cm (1.2”)
Date of Manufacture: 1904-1908
Price: £950
  Stock Ref. No. 948
This iconic Georg Jensen Brooch was made between 1904 and 1908.  Georg Jensen set up his first workshop in Copenhagen in 1904, so this brooch was not only designed by Georg Jensen but will most probably have actually been made by him.  At the beginning of his workshop, he only had one 14 year old apprentice, Henry Pilstrup, to help him with his work.
This is an exciting piece of Georg Jensen memorabilia as he will probably have actually handled this piece of jewellery.  Georg Jensen’s magic in his design and the beautiful deep blue of the lapis, bring the brooch to life.  A ‘must have’ for any devotee of Georg Jensen’s work.

Ref. No. 948 Enquiries

Georg Jensen Brooch ‘Dolphins
Design No. 251
Size: 3.8 cm (1.25") x 3.1 cm (1.25")
Designed by Arno Malinowski for Georg Jensen
Date of Manufacture: Post 1945
Price: £275 
   Stock Ref. No. 956

Arno Malinowski designed for Georg Jensen in the 1940’s.  His designs are proving to be as popular today as they were then.  He had to work in very difficult conditions during the wartime period, when silver was in short supply in Denmark, due to the severe restrictions of silver imports.  However, the firm survived and carried on despite everything, even though the silversmiths had to sometimes wait to be paid for their work.  Luckily, Georg Jensen had many friends and admirers, who always came to the rescue when the company got into difficulties.  These brooches are iconic pieces of history which tell the Georg Jensen story.

Ref. No. 956 Enquiries


Georg Jensen Brooch with Synthetic Sapphires and Moonstone drops.
Design No. 153 Size: Width 1.25” (3 cm) x Length 2” (5.2 cm) including drops. Each drop measures ¾” (2 cm).
Designed by: Georg Jensen c. 1915
Date of Manufacture: Post 1945
Price: £1,950


Note: A large number of Jensen's jewellery designs have remained popular through the years since they were introduced and some are still in production today. Georg Jensen's attention to detail, such as the surface patina and clasp detail, are indications of his superior workmanship. This unusual brooch, design no. 153, is reminiscent of a peacock's flowing tail and head feathers. Many pieces could be ordered either in all silver or with different stones. Another version of this brooch with green cabouchons is on page 93 of Janet Drucker's book, ‘Georg Jensen: A Tradition of Splendid Silver' (Schiffer).

Ref: DEN 489 Enquiries

A Georg Jensen Silver & Moonstone Brooch post


Georg Jensen Silver Fillligree Brooch with Moonstones
Design No. 184
Size: 1.75" x .5" (5.2 cm x .7 cm)
Designed by: Georg Jensen in early C20th.
Date of Manufacture: Post 1945
Price: £325




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Silver and Moonstone bracelet designed by Georg Jensen. Silver and Moonstone bracelet designed by Georg Jensen.